Blissful Sacrifice of Love: Their Journey of Love Begins

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Welcome back to the part 2 of our Blissful Sacrifice of Love story. I’m sure some of you who have already read the first part are eager to read this sequel. Without further due, here is the continuation of the story.

Couple facing hardtimes

Ralph began to formally court Riza and the experience was awesome for both of them and on September 24, 2004, they officially became lovers. To celebrate that very special day, they both went to Intramuros in Manila. They dined and drank together as if they were on the splendid and majestic island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Riza and Ralph had truthfully and faithfully professed that they will love and cherish one another for the rest of their lives and that only death can separate them. With these eternal and heartwarming vows, emotions had gotten over their hearts and minds. As a result, they made the most shocking decision of their lives, they had secretly eloped on a cold night of November 26, 2004. That memorable day, in their young and adventurous lives had turned out to be the moment of truth for the two of them. They faced lots of difficulties and challenges such as having no money to spend and no permanent house to stay. Sure enough, they have lived an uncomfortable life together.

Riza’s world was about to be challenged some more when Ralph brought her in crowded area in Tondo for a week’s stay. This was the time when harsh situations have challenged her love for Ralph. They have no decent meal to eat and have lived in a slum area where there were many rats which were as huge as a kitten. Also, the house that they were staying is near a dangerous creek and so an awful smell always lingers in the air. During this point, Riza was so helpless and confused. She did not know what to do although she knows that going back to their modest and comfy home was far from her restless and confused mind. Though weary and unhappy with their situation, she still believe that love can conquer and change everything. With her way of thinking, she was able to do the most unbearable and painful sacrifice in the name of love.

Riza got sick and suffered from a very high fever to the point that she was chilling indescribably. When Ralph saw the physical condition of his wife, he cried out to God from the high heavens to help his beloved to survive her ordeal. With no money to spend, Ralph was so desperate and depressed. He cannot even bring Riza to a hospital to make her feel better. He sold his silver necklace for 200 pesos to buy some medicines for the sake of Riza.

Love is not a bed of roses at all times. This story of love and sacrifice had proven this ancient and universal description of this craziest but sweetest feeling that is beautifully endowed to human nature.


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