Check out this very rare video of a woman demonstrating a real moves that are highly effective at damaging someone much bigger and stronger than her. The woman in the 1947 video is not moving at full speed, nor full force, yet, she could easily break a great deal of bones in the upper body of the guy, or those couple of moves would have torn a ligament in his legs.

Judo Jymnastics

Sample of Judo Jymnastics Self Defense for Women in 1947.

However, you actually have to know what you’re doing in most situations. A male attacker that preys on women is not a highly trained individual. So, if you were in the situation, you actually have to take some kind of martial art to understand, not just think of it like “bigger means stronger”. You should know how to fight. And this woman does it all in lovely little ankle strap shoes.

But, I’ve heard that if anyone pulls a knife or a gun the only right thing to do is run for your life. Because the speed and chaos of attack are just too fast to counter without seriously getting hurt. Knife and gun are terrifying.

Watch the Judo Jymnastics Self Defense for Women in 1947 video below.


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