Multi-awarded and Grand Prix legend Jules Bianchi, is currently stable but remains to be in a critical condition after he met a fatal accident in a Japanese Grand Prix competition of motor sports. This was sadly announced by FIFA BBC had said earlier today. Right after the incident, he was immediately brought to the hospital for an immediate medical attention that could possibly draw the line between life and death. Last Sunday, a major head surgery was critically done by a team of doctors.

Grand Prix sensation Jules Bianchi remains to be critical but stable.

Grand Prix sensation Jules Bianchi remains to be critical but stable.

In retrospect, the GP misfortune had happened when his vehicle had disengaged itself from the Suzuka track. This was where an agile and dedicated racer had also lost control of his vehicle without apparent reason. Incidentally, Bianchi’s car was unconsciously hit by a recovery car which was purposely meant to remove the vehicle of Sutil. While everything seemed to be hanging by thread for this 25-year old racer, Marussia had thanked his million and other loyal supporters for all their prayers, love and concern for the Jules Bianchi through thick and thin. Likewise, Marussia had admired Bianchi’s fans across the globe for their patience and understanding insofar as the release of the latest medical bulletin about his current physical condition.

Nevertheless, the newest medical update will be released by the doctors of the Mie General Medical Center. Accordingly, the full support of the Marussia will never change until the ace racer will miraculously bounce back in full swing once again. After that nerve shaking accident, the competition was suddenly halted after having such kind of a painful event that can never be forgotten by millions in and around the country. Initially, Jules Bianchi had humbly began his career as an F1 car racer of Marussia about a year ago.

Moreover, he was also a distinguished member of the Ferrari Young Drivers Academy. In addition, he passionately worked as a test driver of the team. As far as the accident was concerned, it all happened during the recovery car’s efforts to save another ill-fated vehicle. Suddenly, Bianchi’s car had traveled across the designated area for a runoff. But his most excruciating ordeal did not end from there. His car had devastatingly hit the rear portion of the tractor.

During that time, the road condition was extremely wet and slippery. Thus, another racer was airing this lethal condition as the competition was heating up with a burning and immeasurable passion. Based on a regretful statement of Hamilton, he sincerely said in a melancholic tone.

To hear one of our colleagues is seriously injured is the main worry.

Finally, millions are praying for swift recovery of the young and goal driven Jules Bianchi because he deserves such kind of love and sympathy when everything seems to hang by a thread in his fight for survival.

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