Young star Julia Barretto might be in a state of a confusion as to whether or not to use her legal surname or not. The issue of legality has gotten even deeper after Marjorie Barretto’s camp had aired their side of the story. This came after her estranged husband for almost ten years had bitterly lamented that his real surname would be soon dropped by his lovable daughter as soon as the court’s petition about the said matter becomes final and executory. According to Marjorie Barretto’s lawyer, Dennis Padilla has an existing marriage in 1994. Therefore, this makes his second marriage to Barretto null and void. It was declared as such on the 29th day of October of 2009. Further, Attorney Kapunan said.

All these years, Marjorie kept her silence about this real ground for the nullification of her marriage with Dennis because she did not want to put Dennis in a bad light. As there is no marriage to speak of between Padilla and Marjorie, Julia is an illegitimate child.

The legal question about Julia Barretto's real surname deepens.

The legal question about Julia Barretto’s real surname deepens.

This legal conclusion of Atty. Kapunan was based on the provisions of Article 165 of the New Family Code. She also pointed out that Julia was born in March 1997, which clearly makes her real name as Julia Francesca Barretto, according to her birth certificate that was duly authenticated by the National Statistics Office. Subsequently, the marriage between Dennis and Marjorie had prompted the so-called legitimation of this young and vibrant celebrity all because it was legally registered at the San Juan’s Registry Office. Therefore , the real name of Julia has become as Julia Francesca Barretto Baldivia.

On the contrary, Marjorie Barretto’s petition for a change of surname has nothing to do with those other grounds such as financial support and the likes. In this complex saga of legal cattle insofar as the use or dropping of the Dennis Padilla’s surname is concerned, may this issue be resolved immediately to provide Julia Barretto the chance to have some peace of mind. This will in turn make her more productive as she is right now.

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