Juliette Daisy Gordon Low Founder of Girl Scout Cookies

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In March 12, 1912, five years after the Girl Scout was founded, Juliette Daisy Gordon Low gathered together 18 girls from Savanna Georgia to sell the very first Girl Scout Cookies to help raise some funds for a good cause, thus the Girl Scout Cookies were born. The earliest recordings about these American loved cookies is when the Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma made some cookies to be sold in their high school cafeteria in the month of December 1917.
From then on, girl scouts from different states of the United States have begun baking cookies with the help of their mothers which they began to sell door to door. Since then, the Girl Scout Cookies continued to evolve as part of the Girl Scout Association’s history.

Juliette Daisy Gordon Low Girl Scout

Juliette Daisy Gordon Low’s legacy in believing that little girls should be given all equal opportunities to comprehensively develop the four essential paradigms of their personality namely the physical, mental, social and their spiritual well-being, were considered to be the main pillars of the Girl Scout Cookies’s inspiring history. Most importantly, she further believes that being born and raised in an isolated environment results in being unproductive. Therefore, she had hurdled all the challenges and obstacles to put up an all-girls organization who will eventually became phenomenal in selling the all famous Girl Scout Cookies.

Juliette Daisy Gordon Low

Currently, the said prestigious assemblage of Girl Scouts widely known around the globe as Girl Scouts of the USA, has a total of 3.2 million members that is comprised of both young girls and responsible adults whose universal and humane objectives are unselfishly committed to achieve and fulfill a dream of equality not only economically but in terms of providing financial assistance for those who are deprived of material wealth. Through the sales and profits of their palate satisfying Girl Scout Cookies, the hardworking members of the GSUSA will be able to maximize and attain their inherent potentials for the betterment of themselves and their sovereign nation as a whole.


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