Justin Bieber Deported? Legal Luminaries Say…

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Fame and fortune could sometimes get you in a hot seat when it goes overboard. This now the biggest challenge for teen singer, Justin Bieber who is currently facing lots of legal battles from assault, drug use and other court-related issues relating to behavioral misdemeanors. As a result, the Justin Bieber deported proposition is now making an extremely sensational buzz in the international music scene which tends to unexpectedly escalate diverse opinions from concerned citizens and other sectors of society worldwide. The teen pop icon who had suddenly taken the world by storm with his gyrating dance moves, had begun to change his glamorous glittering world when he dragged himself into some uncompromising situations which should not be done by somebody who has catapulted popularity and stardom without having to prove that much in the field he knows best. Hence, if these cases are indeed proven true beyond reasonable doubt, the Justin Bieber deported point of contention might bring forth a crossroad scenario between the United States and Canadian legal frameworks.

The issue of deportation continues to cloud Justin Bieber's glaring celebrity status after facing several charges of assault, drag racing and drug use.

The issue of deportation continues to cloud Justin Bieber’s glaring celebrity status after facing several charges of assault, drag racing and drug use.

The latest developments about Justin Bieber deported angles have further revealed that the involved prosecutors should deal with this judicial matter with utmost diligence and an objectivity although, these uncertainties would eventually give him a hard time to hurdle victoriously. Last Wednesday, he was charged of a case that has something to do with driving under the influence of alcohol, in Florida. Likewise, he has another pending legal argument of felony vandalism in LA County. Despite of all these of all these psychological dilemmas and social deviances of Justin Bieber, there are no guarantees that that this youngest pop superstar in the world today would have his day in court soon.

On the contrary, if Justin will be proven guilty, those judges would act and think differently on several grounds that they only have a thorough and profound knowledge of. This was according to the personal assumptions and legal perspectives of Stanley L. Friedman, an ex-federal prosecutor and who is now honing his criminal defense proficiency in Los Angeles, USA. Conversely, some of the Justin Bieber deported presiding jurors are more likely to treat him with bias and harsh attitudes; rather than giving him a dose of his own medicine.

Meanwhile, Andrew Filer a prominent criminal defense attorney has this to say on Bieber. Justin Bieber deported probabilities would only be feasible if he would be found guilty on one or even both of those offenses and other legal queries with respect to his sojourns in his own homeland and the United States as well. Moreover, there are other Justin Bieber deported causative trails of events such as his positive result in the use of marijuana and his illegal liaison with Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug. Last but not the least, Justin Bieber deported lists of probable causes include an alleged egg-tossing incident in his very own happy and tranquil neighborhood which caused millions of dollars in property damages.

Apart from the Justin Bieber deported domino effect, the 19-year old foreign pop artist might be subjected to a so-called long probation sentence. This is a specific measure to make certain that he will finally get rid of those chaotic events in his life for good. This was an open minded viewpoint of Attorney Goldman. Aside from Bieber, there were other Hollywood celebs who had previously gone through a lot of “legal frictions”in the US and Canada alone in consonance with the possession of illegal drugs. To name a few, we have “The Rolling Stones” and Paul Mc Cartney.

In the final analysis, Justin Bieber deported sagas from the US are some sorts of longtime debates which might be cases of elusive dreams for those lawyers who are really fighting it out in the name of JUSTICE and TRUTH. Hence, these brilliant legal figures must be overwhelmingly commended for they know exactly what is genuinely meant by “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”. Ultimately, the case of Justin Bieber deported from the US must serve as an eye-opener to each one of us that wealth and riches should be used wisely for the unselfish service to God and for His greater glory in Heaven.


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