God’s Divine Will prevails all the time. Did you know that a baby was already pronounced dead by doctors, but through the power of Christ and a formula that is amazingly termed as Kangaroo Care the meek baby was brought back to life? For those of you out there, who eagerly wanted to know about this kind of medical breakthrough, it is no other than but a mother’s tender hug. Here’s the full story, of how it marvelously changed the life and faith of a family forever. Emily and Jamie Ogg were both born out of vitro fertilization, about two years ago. A few minutes after their successful birth, the doctors shockingly told Kate and David that one of their newborns had already died.


Miracle Baby Pronounced Dead

Although the doctors had tried their very best to revive Jamie, it was to no avail. So, the nurses put the little angel across the chest of his grieving mother to make them say their last goodbyes. Using her tremendous maternal instinct, she tenderly wrapped the lifeless body of her son around her bare chest. It was best described by her as a skin-to-skin embrace. How did a Kangaroo Care perform the greatest miracle of all time?

God Is Good and Faithful All The Time

Evidently, God opened the doors of Heaven for the Ogg’s. After two hours, Baby Jaimie had begun to show some vital signs of life. Due to this unexpected development, his attending physicians have been called back to medically explain this very strange phenomenon. On the contrary, they have totally dismissed the undeniable reality that a phenomenal miracle had undoubtedly taken place. From their own viewpoint, it was just due to a reflexive kind of thing. But, Kate was not in anyway convinced about the said medical explanation.

So, she placed a little amount of breast milk on her finger to feed the infant. Suddenly, the newborn slowly responded even more. He humbly accepted the breast milk in all gladness. At that very moment, the doctors had actually witnessed the most promising miracle that even medical science cannot fully explain.

Indeed, it was very evident that the baby was really alive. His arms had strongly clasped his mother’s body. Consequently, one of the doctors grabbed his stethoscope and listened carefully to the heartbeat of the once medically dead baby. Stunned of what he heard, the doctor shook his head and said.”

I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it. He is alive


After that miracle literally dumbfounded the medical fora to the hilt, the Ogg’s had become an instant celebrity. In fact, they have been invited to countless television guestings together with their lovable twins. Three days ago, they joyously celebrated their birthday. They are now four years old.

Going back to Kangaroo Care, it is defined as an Australian way of nurturing a baby by using a pouch, just across the body of an infant. In the process, the mother serves as an incubator where the baby is meticulously fed and kept warm at the same time.

The awe-inspiring method of Kangaroo Care is merely an instrument of God, to let us know and realize that medical science can greatly help us to discover that there are exceptional ways to propagate the beauty and essence of human survival. But of course, if He does not will it, all we need to do is to humbly accept without question.

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