Karen Davila named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Philippines

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In an unexpected twist of fate, award-winning broadcast journalist Karen Davila was named as The Sexiest Woman Alive for the year 2015 by Esquire Philippines. Nobody expected this and even the broadcast journalist herself was surprised when the news broke out. You can see her natural reaction in the photo below which was taken during her interview with Esquire.

Karen Davila named Sexiest Woman Alive 2015 by Esquire Philippines

Karen Davila was named Sexiest Woman Alive 2015 by Esquire Philippines

Do you know that Karen Davila is already 44 years old and a mother of two? But as you can see from her picture above, she looks quite young, like in her early 30s. She looks all natural and carefree which is probably the reason why the popular Men’s Magazine have chosen her. As they say, simplicity is beauty and Karen is a perfect epitome of this.

In the magazine cover above taken by BJ Pascual, Karen Davila was wearing a simple black blouse and an all natural big laugh with a somewhat messed-up hair that is brushed on her right side. The photo bears a white caption above saying: We named Karen Davila the Sexiest Woman Alive.

Here is what Karen said during her interview : Well, I’m being honest when I say I grew up not believing and knowing I am beautiful. So I really worked on my personality more. I read more, wanted to be more articulate that the other girls, worked harder. I felt there were much prettier and more beautiful students than myself, specially in college. And I knew I wasn’t going to be chosen as a partner because I was extremely beautiful. It wasn’t going to work that way.

Karen is really smart and I agree with what she said. Beauty is not gauged only by physical appearance but also on personality and intelligence. She can now be compared to the likes of Solenn Heussaff, Heart Evangelista and Iza Calzado who were also voted as Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Philippines. She thanked her followers in social network where she tweeted : A toast to all working smart women! and thanked everyone as well by saying “Cheers to all empowered working women!”

In my opinion, Karen deserves this recognition knowing for a fact that she has achieved a lot in both her career and family life. What do you think about her being voted as the Sexiest Woman Alive 2015 by Esquire Philippines? We love to hear your thoughts about it.


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