The dynamic and creative educational mainstream of the Philippines has definitely modified its versatile concept of Philippine education. It has dawned in all sincerity the so-called kariton schools in Cavite City. By the way, kariton is the Filipino word for push carts. The Kariton Open High School is most specially meant for the less-privileged teens of Cavite City.

These poor but deserving students have initially realized their dreams through these Kariton Schools.

These poor but deserving students have initially realized their dreams through these Kariton Schools.

This is a non-profit organization which was spearheaded by the Dynamic Teen Company which provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for out-of-school youths to be educated in the most unique ways for free. The push carts or karitons are their multi-functional classrooms. This noble project was launched last August in cooperation with the Universal Robina Corporation. Some education experts have noted that this is much more suitable and conducive to those young but deserving students to fulfil all their fondest dreams in time.

The multi-million peso Universal Robina Corporation has well-provided these kariton schools with state-of-the art facilities such as air conditioned classrooms. clean toilets, books and offices to make such kind of a learning approach more enjoyable to those youths who cannot afford to finish their studies because of financial incapacity. According to the first-ever CNN Filipino Hero of the Year in the person of Efren Penaflorida, he has further revealed that

We are happy to realize that we are not alone and there are people willing to support us.

The Kariton Open High School is at the second floor of the two-storey building of DTC. At present, DTC is catering to the educational necessities of almost 57 students whose ages are between 11-17 years of age. They are still looking for other students who earnestly desire to change their lives forever through these Kariton Schools which never underestimated the different talents, skills and competencies of these goal-driven Filipino students. Indeed, these Kariton Schools are highly commendable in every way.

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