The right to quality education is a basic human arm in the achievement of both personal and long-term economic endeavors. Essentially, every man can dynamically propel himself to greater heights as he moves forward and metamorphoses his creative intellect into the most advantageous vantage points of human development. Therefore, the Philippines’ quest for a much easier way of learning takes on a much higher level of scientific innovation like no other. In today’s modern educational setting, modern Filipino students will have the most innovative mechanisms of actual learning, as TV5’s Karunungan University tours around the most popular college universities in Metro Manila like the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, to provide free and personal lectures on the following areas of mass media mastery namely: News anchoring and those creative lectures on how to make insightful documentaries and the likes.

TV5 news personalities Cheryl Cosim togethr with Lourd de Veyra will visit PUP campus on March 22, 2014

TV5 news personalities Cheryl Cosim togethr with Lourd de Veyra will visit PUP campus on March 22, 2014

Moreover, TV5’s Karunungan University will go to Polytechnic University of the Philippines to teach and explore the awesome and informative concepts about the appreciation and viewership of the most requested documentaries on TV5. This will include the interesting historical retrospect of KBO. TV5’s KBO stands for Karunungan, Balita, Opinyon. In English, these educational components are translated as: Intelligence, News and Opinions respectively.

Specifically, Lourd de Veyra’s “History with Lourd” will be one of the intellectually-enriching segments of Karunungan University’s campus tours. Likewise, Karunugan University will feature other television programs like “Yaman ng Bayan” and “Kaya” In English, these are “You Can Do It” and “Treasures of Motherland”. Lastly, the “Karunungan University” campus tour will have an exclusive one-on-one chitchat with de Veyra about the crucial role of media in marvelously enriching the young and dynamic cognition of today’s youths and students alike. Incidentally, the Karuungan University of TV5 had initially roamed around the premises of Philippine Christian University last March 10, 2014. During the particular brainstorming session, more than 300 students had actively participated in that informative discussion about media with the charming and amiable Cheryl Cosim.

The eye-opening realms of modern education is so much enjoyable and endless. So, it is really one of the greatest milestones of any television outfit to make the essential cores of learning more accessible and practical. Just like TV5’s Karunungan campus tour, which has amazingly the complex word of media worth discovering in the years ahead.

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