Karylle announces engagement to Yael Yuzon

| February 8, 2014 | 1 Comment

Love is in the air as singer actress Karylle announces her engagement to Sponge Cola’s vocalist Yael Yuzon. Karylle has made the announcement of her engagement yesterday, February 8, 2014 during the airtime of the show It’s Showtime. She was very nervous before making the announcement but with the help of his co-host and friends, she was able to gather the courage to finally reveal it to the world. Below are the words of Karylle as she announces her engagement to Yael Yuzon.

Not a lot of people know, some three and a half years ago, a new chapter in my life started. The happiest and most exciting one yet. I started as a hurado here in Showtime and I became part of the Showtime family and with this, Yael came into my life. It was a sunny afternoon when I was still a guest to the show Pilipinas Win na Win. We ate at Mr. Kebab because I really love eating rice. After that we had coffee and I agreed to be his girlfriend. Little by little, my life started to change. Ryan Bang thought me how to be a Hurado so that I won’t be voted out by the “Madlang People”. I started to dream bigger because of Anne Curtis, I learned how to share Sawsawan because of Vhong. I was push to give more and share more of myself because of Director Bobet. I learned that Billy Crawford was the most game person when it comes to my weird trips like waiting to see the sun rise, because he is ready to be a friend, anytime anywhere. Teddy showed me how fun it is to have a growing family; Jiggy showed me that he loves me even though he finds that I’m the weirdest in the Showtime group. Jhong taught me to be more attentive and respectful.

Coleen taught me that younger people have wisdom and Eric showed me that boys with big muscles have big big hearts. DJ MOD my first ever music producer showed me that our dreams from more than 10 years ago are finally coming true even though it got a bit delayed. Vice Ganda helped me to learn how to laugh out loud and not like the “Dalagang Filipina” who is demure even when laughing. And ofcourse to Dancing QC and to talk about anything and to be free, most importantly, Kuya Kim told me that I am a good friend but a high maintenance girlfriend. So whenever I pick a fight with Yael, kuya Kim is like a conscience that I can hear from the back of my mind. I just keep your words Kuya Kim and I try to be a better person. I am a work in progress but I know that everything I’ve been through happened for a reason. And the people, the angels that have come along my way, have been scattered by the lord and were placed there by the sign. Thank you lord for all of them, you know who you are. There are lots of people who love me and I don’t know why but I love them all too and I am very very grateful for each of you. Thank you all for helping me reach the next level. Next month, we Wed and the new chapter begins.

If you want to watch the part where Karylle made the announcement, here is the video.


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  1. Cheryle says:

    Truly, love comes in mysterious ways. Best wishes to both of you.

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