Katrina Halili Rages Over Hayden’s Medical License

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The lawyers of former sexy star Katrina Halili were deeply shocked about the decision of the Professional Regulations Commission to reinstate Hayden Kho in his profession as a medical doctor. According to Katrina’s brilliant team of lawyers, Kho and his camp still have to wait for the expiration of the two-year ban period of the so-called Petition to Reinstate License. This was the content of Atty. Raymond Palad’s text message which he had sent to a leading showbiz portal in the Philippines today. Based on the conclusive finding of Halili’s lawyers, there is no doubt that PRC hurriedly expedited the process in one way or another.

In addition to this, Atty. Palad says that there were no fact finding and judicial hearings which were ever conducted to confront those witnesses who have bravely executed their sworn affidavits. On the other hand, the honorable commissioner who handled the case of Kho has said that everything had undergone the legal process insofar as his medical license is concerned. Accordingly, PRC Commissioner Miguel Noche Jr. had sternly defended their decision by further stating that Dr. Hayden Kho has realized his past mistakes and he was truly sorry for those immoral acts that he had committed before God and man.

Lawyers of actress Katrina Halili became furious about Hayden Kho's medical license.

Lawyers of actress Katrina Halili became furious about Hayden Kho’s medical license.

Significantly, the Board of Medicine under the Professional Regulations Commission has found out that there is nothing to be questioned about the qualifications of the subject. As a result, Dr. Kho is still very much capable of practising his sworn profession in the eyes of the law. As of now, Hayden says that he more focused on his spiritual growth no more, no less. Although there are many issues to deal with, Dr. Hayden Kho has divulged that God has strengthened him to be able to overcome these obstacles in his life. Above anything else, the love and unconditional support of his family has provided him the motivation to start a new life.

In the final analysis, Dr. Hayden Kho must also be given the chance that he is really changing his life for the better and God’s greater glory. For the lawyers of Katrina Halili, they have to respect the decision of those in authority so that everyone will be given the rare opportunity to do what’s best in order to have a happy and peaceful existence.

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