The College GameDay of ESPN has taken a new leap of fun and excitement when award-winning singer Katy Perry surprisingly graced the said event without any pretension or whatsoever. In this regard, the alluring singer had astonishingly found a new date in the person of Oklahoma’s Quarterback, Trevor Knight. Moreover, the amazing GameDay was never the same again as millions of spectators had seen a charismatic celebrity in a customized football jersey. This was well-complemented with red hair like cherries.

Award-winning singer Katy Perry graces ESPN's GameDay.

Award-winning singer Katy Perry graces ESPN’s GameDay.

Of course, this unforgettable personification of hers is not only for an ideal and striking sense. It was intended for the commemoration of a glorious hometown is known as Ole Miss Rebels. In that momentous occasion, Katy Perry was asked to pick a lucky winner during a game between Oklahoma and TCU respectively. As Katy was about to pick and declare the winner, she said in jest.

I’m picking this one based on looks. Presumably making the day a win for a certain quarterback regardless of what happened on the field. Trevor Knight, do you hear me? The quarterback from Oklahoma, we don’t mind, so I’m going to go with him.

Meanwhile, as the so-called GameDay was already in its most awaited segment Katy was somewhat insinuating on something that could become the latest buzz in the music world in the coming days.

Trevor Knight, call me! she hollered at the camera while pantomiming putting a phone to her ear.

According to news reports, this was not the very first time that Perry had an interest in a young and dynamic athlete such Trevor. Two years ago, she dedicated a cheeky song to Tim Tebow. However, the latter had denied any romance with the very articulate Katy. Needless to say, she and her honest-to-goodness attitude had sometimes been misinterpreted by some online aficionados. But, that is Katy in every sense that she is. A loving and special lady who seems to be irresistible. Some people might allude her as a dark horse. But it does not matter a lot. As long as she is not hurting anybody it goes without saying that physical attraction can really create a stir between two people.

None of us had an idea if Katy and Trevor are already dating. No matter what happens, there is something in Katy that remains to be unchangeable. God has given her the beauty and the voice that can bewitch any man regardless of his personal status. After all, she becomes an ordinary woman whenever she falls in love with the man of her dreams. Lastly, Katy Perry wants to show each one of us that the sweet promptings of love knows no bounds.

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