KC Concepcion Is Not Pregnant- Paulo Avelino

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The eldest daughter of veteran actress and singer Sharon Cuneta is not pregnant. KC Concepcion has finally broken her silence on this vicious issue. According to her, if ever she’s going to have a baby she will not hide it from anybody. Though, she candidly disclosed that she cannot wait for that blissful day to happen.

Filipina actress and model KC Concepcion is not pregnant.

Filipina actress and model KC Concepcion is not pregnant.

On the part of Paulo Avelino, KC Concepcion is not going to have a baby in any way. The truth is that she’s posting different things on social media. Also, the issue is too improbable to happen because his special friend is also seeing lots of Filipinos as well. As regards to their relationship is concerned, both of them had attempted to bring it to another level but the distance between them impedes it to finally materialize. Therefore, Paulo Avelino and KC are still the best of friends up to now.

KC Concepcion should be truly admired for her courage and candidness about this very sensational matter. On the part of Paulo Avelino, his quickness in defending his special friend about this nasty rumor only proves that he has indeed an immeasurable love and respect for a kind-hearted lady who is dearly close to his yearning heart.

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