Our humble plants at home, are the one of the most gratifying things that can make our beautiful abode eco-friendly, inspiring and awesome at the same time. Regardless of their kind and breed, we must take good care of them the best way that we can. Therefore, no matter how common these easy to do steps are, this very informative cyber portal of ours would like to share with you on how to do it the right way. Read on.

These beautiful flowers at home, should be well-taken care of just like a fragile infant..

These beautiful flowers at home, should be well-taken care of just like a fragile infant..

4 Easy Ways to Keep Our Plants Healthy and Alive

These few but basic steps on how to keep our houseplants alive and kicking might already be a common knowledge. But the bottomline here, is are you doing it the way that it should be? Find out, as we count the ways.

  1. Water- Do not tend to overwater your plants. It is the leading cause of their untimely death. It kills their vital parts. Likewise, make sure that the compost surface is always dry, before you start with your watering ritual. Drain the excess water on a daily basis.
  2. Temperature Range- Move them away from open fire, by transferring some of them to a much colder place.
  3. Natural lighting conditions only.- Never dare to expose your house plants to direct sunlight. It is much better, if you are going to provide them with bright and filtered lights.
  4. Food Supplements- It is not enough to water your houseplants. Just like humans, they must be given those food supplies which are liquid in nature. These types of plant food are specially available in your favorite botanical stores or shops. Ideally, feed them from spring to autumn wherein they are growing actively without any inch of difficulty.

These simple and helpful hints on how to grow and maintain your plants wisely, are one of your most worthwhile ecological and personal investments that can be of great help to Mother Nature in maintaining an eco-friendly planet and environment respectively.

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