The international music scene has gone through a lot of modifications in terms of rhythms, styles and the kinds of singer who dearly come and go. But as many would dare say, nothing is permanent in this world except change. Kendrick Lamar and his music has remarkably defined a new trend in hip hop music with the release of his new single, I. When he had a one-on-one interview with Power 106, Kendrick had briefly talked about the creative methods as well as those brilliant minds behind his new project that will surely become a phenomenal hit just like the name that he had made in the field that he cannot do without.

Kendrick Lamar and his music will surely change the way hip hop should be.

Kendrick Lamar and his music will surely change the way hip hop should be.

He also tackled about his wonderful relationship with J Cole and Drake. In this particular album, there are new expectations that this ambitious artist has to live up to. Primarily, it was first heard on Power 106 before it was being uploaded to Soundcloud. Lamar’s new album was produced by Rahki. This is entirely different from his previous one just like the Good Kid. Descriptively, this is much groovier as compared to other hip hop songs. More so, the album I has a more spiralling bass to give it a different treatment which pleasurably provides a rare kind of music which stands out among the rest. Ultimately, it departs from the usual narrative style of other hip hop songs. Did you know that his album had reached an amazing two million plays after almost six hours ever since it was first heard on the radio? Captivatingly, the engrossing charisma of this song is totally outrageous in every way.

Meanwhile, let us come to know this exceptional artist up close and personal. He is an American hip hop talent who was born and raised in Compton, California. Kendrick Lamar was born into the light of this world on the 17th of June 1987. As a singer, he first signed under Top Dawg Entertainment. He became a member of the hip hop group West Coast. But, his major break came in 2010. Then, after two years he had another major achievement with the release of his new album,Good Kid. Due to its skyrocketing popularity, it had deservingly belonged to the second of the US Billboard 200. From there, it became a certified platinum album. Due to his unwavering artistic excellence, he was bestowed a total of seven Grammy nominations. Among these were: Best New Artist of the Year, Best Album of the Year and Best Rap Song.

Indeed, Kendrick Lamar had gone a long, long way insofar as his music career is concerned. He is truly an iconic name in the music industry than can never be surpassed through the years.

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