The next best thing to justice is to fight for it at all cost. There is no such thing as the sweetest road to freedom without expending any effort to keep up with rule of law. Just recently, Kesha and Dr. Luke had filed their counter lawsuits against each other. Primarily, Kesha filed a complaint in Los Angeles which included the following: Physical, sexual and verbal abuses and all other things that caused her traumatic experiences, depression and dietary problems. According to her, these nightmares had lasted for almost a decade.

Kesha, a famous singer filed a lawsuit against her manager for verbal, physical and psychological abuses.

Kesha, a famous singer filed a lawsuit against her manager for verbal, physical and psychological abuses.

After several years, the accused had capitalized on her talent, beauty and wit. According to verified reports, the medical practitioner and her talent manager at the same time had administered her a lethal substance which is medically known as death rape drug. On the other hand, Dr. Luke had counter accusations by saying that those are all fabricated accusations in order to extort some money from him. In other words, these were all characterized as outrageous and merely out of these world statements. In all honesty, Kesha is being described by her friends as someone who is so closely knitted with her family prior to her fateful meeting with Dr. Luke.

He promised her an exciting world of fame and fortune which were firmly held on to by a woman who only wanted to achieve her fondest dreams without complexities or whatsoever. Subsequently, she immediately signed a contract in 2005. But, all of those bed of roses talks have turned out for the worst. Over the years, Kesha lived a life of bondage and fear. Worst of all, her self-esteem had gone downhill that made her think otherwise about her physique.

She was alluded to as a big refrigerator. From then on, Kesha was about to lose her life as a person and as a performer. Work wise, her debut album had sold more than one million in the United States alone. Now, to get to the bottom line of this story, the beleaguered singer can no longer bear the pains and agony that she had gone through. Therefore, she had gradually developed a severe eating disorder. Medically, it is termed as bulimia nervosa. Through the years, it almost put her life to risk. To help her out, doctors had advised her to be in a rehabilitation center for quite sometime.

Ultimately, the main reason behind the filing of the multi-million dollar suit is to let Kesha to be in total control of her life and music career. This is according to her lawyer Mark Geragos. He said that her client had extremely suffered in the hands of Dr. Luke for a long time. Needles to say, they are both hoping that the wheels of justice will be served as soon as possible.

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