Sports are games of agility and perseverance that can never be compromised by other lethal forms of physical injuries. Logically speaking, these frustrating severely affect the exemplary performance of any team in general. Currently, Oklahoma City is in a dilemma because of an injured ace player in the person of Kevin Durant. Currently, he is ailing with a fracture in his right foot.

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma's ace player sustained a Jones kind of fracture.

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma’s ace player sustained a Jones kind of fracture.

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma’s ace player sustained a Jones kind of fracture. Also known as the star player of Oklahoma he might not be able to bolt a thousand baskets. In simpler terms, a Jones fracture is defined as a broken bone at the of a human toe. In effect, it would take time before the magical shots of Kevin Durant will be amazingly seen and admired just like before. On purpose, he has to undergo several medical evaluations to make sure that nothing serious would ever happen to the Skyscraper of Oklahoma Thunder. Thus, it is most likely that he will be subjected to a medical operation soon.. In fact, during one of their many game practices, Durant has been complaining of an inexpressible kind of pain. According to the team’s general manager, Sam Presti here’s what he has to say.

Because it’s a stress injury, it happened over time. The fact that Kevin mentioned it when he did is a real fortunate piece of this because if he had continued to play on it, it would continue to get worse. So, that it was identified when it was identified and that the pain or achiness was enough to mention it is a positive.

Prior to his sudden injury, Kevin Durant is gunning for the league’s most prestigious MVP Award. Based on statistics, he is averaging 32 points and 7.4 rebounds per game. Overall, he had remarkably played a total of 81 games ever since he eagerly started as a professional cager. Meanwhile, most of these games that he had played had resulted to a wear and tear condition of the beleaguered basketball player. Despite of this, Durant continued to shine on the hardcourt. On the other hand, he had withdrawn him-self from the draft of the US basketball this coming summer. The said draft will officially vie for the World Cup to be held in Spain. Due to this very dangerous situation and challenge for the team, Kobe Bryant said.

It’s tough. He’s just got to be patient and do what he can in the interim. Study the game and try to improve the mental aspect, which is always what I tried to do when I was out.

To continue, Kevin Durant’s team manager further commented that his decision to withdraw from the draft of players who would most probably play for the World Cup in Spain can be regarded as a blessing in disguise because,

I think that’s certainly something that’s been talked about internally. Hard to say exactly if that will change, but we were already accounting for that, regardless. Whether or not there will be a significant change in that, that will be up to the medical department in terms of how we get him back on the floor and when and at what loads.

In closing, Kevin Durant will definitely bounce back like a stallion that never gallops without a rational reason to soar to greater heights.

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