Crime against humanity is the most unforgivable violation against a person and God. Top Khmer Rouge leaders were handed down a guilty verdict by the UN-sponsored tribunal. The convicted leaders were as follows: Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan. They both served the government presumably in good faith prior to the resurfacing of these alleged offenses against those persons who had bravely fought against truth and justice. With their much awaited conviction, it has been said that the unanimously rendered decision was the first ever in so many years, since their unique political structure had been established. Along this juncture, it was believed that nearly about two million people have been killed from 1975-1979.

Nuon Chea, one of the Khmer Rouge leaders who were convicted of the crime against humanity.

Nuon Chea, one of the Khmer Rouge leaders who were convicted of the crime against humanity.

These casualties were due to starvation and execution. Most of these victims were rumored to be enemies of the State. According to the judge who handed the verdict in the person Judge Nil Nonn, these Khmer Rouge leaders were guilty of human extermination which is comprised of the following crimes: Political persecution, murder and other inhumane acts of violation against God, people and the State. Similarly, there were cases of forced disappearances and even those senseless attacks against humanity. As expected, lawyers of the convicted leaders will appeal the decision by saying that

It is unjust for my client. He did not know or commit many of these crimes.

For those of you out there who are not aware as to how these Khmer Rouge leaders rule their country over the years, they had created an agrarian society and had even implemented the evacuation of the hundreds of thousands of residents from the cities where they belong and there were also cases of forced labor specially for rural cooperatives. Some say, that there were some people who worked until the call of death came their way. Conclusively, it looks like the conviction of these Khmer Rouge leaders are the ultimate fulfillments of an ideal kind of social justice which makes a nation to be great again.

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