Stress, financial worries and anxiousness are some of the leading causes of killer headaches. However, there are new and intriguing findings which say that there are other reasons why these types of excruciating body pains are taking place even though we do not want it to happen. First and foremost, weight related issues are one of the main culprits why our nerves within our heads are somehow in a state of getting spasms if that would seem to be the right word for it. To be specific enough, there were research findings that surprisingly revealed that if you are a bit obese there’s a tendency that a headache might lower your work efficiency.

Killer headaches are mainly caused by obesity, personality type and other related factors.

Killer headaches are mainly caused by obesity, personality type and other related factors.

Next in line is the kind of personality that a particular person possesses. For example, if you are extremely reserved and rigid about everything, migraines might kill you. Surprisingly, the frequently alluded to as a weekend let could possibly predispose head nape pains. Therefore,if you are a certified workaholic be sure that you have normal sleeping habits if you can. In essence, this will make your body more relaxed. Also, those dangerous paint fumes cause head discomforts. So, you must stay away from those areas where painting jobs are being conducted. Additionally, if your body is dehydrated headache sets in. To keep you hydrated besides drinking lots of water, you need to eat lots of fruits.

Skipping meals in one way or the other contribute to your killer headaches. Needless to say, you must moderately when your hungry pangs attack. Do you consume too much caffeine in a day? If your answer is a yes, simply minimize it until headache attacks disappear. Experts further noticed that if you are constantly depriving your-self of sleep, headaches are there to ruin your day. Those killer headaches are manageable and can be avoided as well. All it takes is just a matter of discipline. No more, no less.

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