The Powerful Knight in Shining Armor of My Life

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My life’s never ending saga of trials, challenges and successes has totally completed me as person inside and out. Although i have a congenital disability of mild cerebral palsy, that did not deter me from achieving what I wanted to be. This powerful and meek knight in shining armor of my life has helped me get through in everything that I do. He is not my boyfriend nor my husband, because yours truly is pretty much single. First and foremost, I am literally enjoying my life as such because of these major reasons. First, I am too busy the whole day in writing articles for my two wonderful bosses, whom I have admired so much because of their unwavering patience and understanding insofar as my plight is concerned. As my male boss often tells me “Cheryle, you are indeed lucky to have the best of both worlds”. Whenever I asked him why, he only said. “Your female superior is so kind and understanding just like I do”.

Knight in Shining Armour

True enough, my secret knight and shining armor had miraculously blessed me with two dream jobs of which i never thought would ever come true. Piyesa, is a special nickname that I have uniquely thought of because He was given to me by my former client who happens to be an engineer by profession and who proudly owns a car spare parts store. Here was how our unexpected meeting between me and my best buddy, Piyesa had taken place.

One day, I was gladly invited by a friend of mine to conduct a house blessing and exorcism rites in the house of Mr. Ferdinand Monteclaro, (not his real name). When we already arrived in their house, I did not notice the charming image of the Santo Nino right away. As my rituals began to unfold, the ever beautiful wife of Mr. Claveria had told me that they have a replica of a Santo Nino. After a few minutes, she candidly asked me a silly question that i have not heard about in my entire life.


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