Since time immemorial, many of us have envied those brilliant people who were inherently born with an incredible human memory. They were highly regarded as geniuses, nerds and all other intriguing allusions that are truly powerful and convincing without saying a word. But what makes them intellectually awesome? Their fascinating memory has the captivating capability to store, retain and encode information as well as their past experiences into their brains. To define, a human memory contains the sum total of what we have recalled for several years or even much longer than that we have ever thought of.

Human Memory.

Human Memory.

Our memory provides us the opportunity to harmoniously adopt those past experiences of ours, which will eventually pave the way to foster lasting and strong relationships with other people around us. With its catalytic power to remember almost anything under sun, it makes us more productive and impressive at the same time. Hence, the unbelievable human memory is made more prolific by means of those different learning processes which have effectively created a high self-esteem and a well-rounded personality. What are the other interesting and worth knowing facts that we should all discover about our complex but versatile brain and memory? Let this article enlighten you the best that it can. According to various scientists, the memory of humans is enhanced or improved to its highest level by forgetting things first. This might seem too ironic but let us hear what these science gurus have to say.

You need to forget a new piece of information at some level before remembering it in order to make that memory robust over time.

In other words, when a new memory tends to fade; the more it’s improved in terms of its retrieval strength. Did you know that a certain part of our brain needs some storytelling at times to make it sharper than ever before? The more you link information altogether by using a narrative format, the stronger your recall ability would become. It is supercharged with a new set of information most specially if it’s going to be visual in nature. To further elaborate, many scientists have concluded that

Text paired with a relevant visual significantly improves the amount of information retained by novice learners.

A human memory is made much sharper more than ever because of our ever-changing world in general and its kind of environment. It improves the way it was recalled in a given setting. As they say,

Studying in a diverse range of environments can actually improve the robustness of your ability to recall that information in the future.

Lastly, the God given human memory is not by repetition alone. Instead, to make it sharper it has to undergo a toughest kind of challenge along the way. Now, how were you able to enhance its most desired faculty of yours?

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