The complex and yet unbelievable anatomy of the human body, can be described as a perfect symmetry of a well-balanced coordination that can never be compared to any creation in this world. One of the most used part of our bodies are our knees. In fact, the best runners in the world do depend on them to make it certain that everything will be fine whenever tough competitions are underway. Along this juncture, medical practitioners have significantly revealed that there are actually 5 Best Things that You Should Know About Your Knees. Upon discovering all of these, many of us will surely take care of these very vital parts for our most convenient mobility for a lifetime.

The human knee is a complex but a harmonious symmetry of different parts to make our movements much easier.

The human knee is a complex but a harmonious symmetry of different parts to make our movements much easier.

Have you ever wondered what are the Top 5 Secrets of Your Knees? Let us count them one by one. Whenever you get familiar with them, just be sure that you will remember them by heart.

5 Amazing Knee Secrets that You Ought to Know

Based on the scientific studies of medical practitioners, we should all be aware that:

  • Runners are not so much afflicted with arthritis, as compared to those who do not run more often.- This is logically true, because those people tend to use their knees more frequently. As a result, their more lubricated than a knee which is not exercised more often.
  • The first medical fact is true, no matter how old you are.- First and foremost, the hobby of running does not even translate to the premise of cartilage loss and the likes. To date, it can even improve the cartilage of humans to a greater extent.
  • The use of vitamin supplements will not initiate the growth of cartilages..- Although dietary supplements do proudly claim this remarkable improvement this is completely false.
  • A runner’s knee is commonly caused by other factors.- Medically, the term runner’s knee is known as chondromalacia patella or patellafemoral pain syndrome. It is best characterized as the sudden inflammation of your cartilage just beneath your kneecap. Basically, among the common causes of this particular syndrome are the following: Weak glutes and hips, weak quadriceps which lead to some instances of instability down to your knees and last but not the least, are tight hamstrings.
  • You have to keep your knee in tip top shape all the time.- Always make it a habit to do the following, to keep this part of your body from wearing out. First, you should learn how to run on ground level to be able to minimize its torque effect. Next, learn how to use and develop the right usage and advantage of a forefoot strike. In this way, a direct injury to your knee will be avoided.

Remarkably, these Top 5 Knee Secrets will make you more efficient than ever before to do diverse tasks that will make you even more efficient and productive just like a cheetah which can run so fast than a speed of light.

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