Dramatic hunk actor Derek Ramsay, has clarified showbiz rumors that he and Kris Aquino are romantically linked together. Kris Aquino and Derek Ramsay are only the best of friends. As far as Kris is concerned, she is still nursing a broken heart after her short lived romance with a comedy actor and a politician. When they had called it quits, Aquino said that she has somehow believed in the words marriage and forever.

Kris Aquino and Derek Ramsay: Just friends.

Kris Aquino and Derek Ramsay: Just friends.

Just the same, it did not have a happy ending. In her previous relationships, Aquino had two loving sons of whom she considered her strengths. Right now, she is not yet ready for another serious commitment. Meanwhile, Ramsay is also not in the mood for love. His last known relationship was with a sexy actress. However, there was a time when Derek has given Kris an unsolicited advice. He said that Kris should find the right guy very soon. Along this juncture, their sweet friendship has gone up to another level where love and respect remains. On a personal note, these two wonderful people must not hurry up on things that they are not certain of; to ensure that no one gets blamed nor hurt in the future.

Love is a free-flowing feeling that must be both enjoyed by Kris Aquino and Derek Ramsay at least for now. After all, true love patiently waits for the right time and with the right person. Indeed, it is nice to know that Kris has always been admired by lots of gorgeous men in and out of the glaring world of showbiz. But then again, it seems like fate and destiny have not yet opened its doors yet for Kris and her would be prince charming.

In the event that Kris Aquino and Derek Ramsay would have a rare chance to let the sweet promptings of love come their way, it would surely be one of the noisiest buzz in local showbiz. Considering the fact that they are the best of friends, their relationship could perhaps be alluded as Made in Heaven.

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