Kris Aquino Breaks Her Silence About Herbert Bautista

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Love is a special feeling that should be meant to last for a lifetime. It entails life’s greatest sacrifice of honor and dignity, for the sake of the person you dearly love. Perhaps, this would be the appropriate context of the tearful statements of actress and TV host Kris Aquino, who had finally admitted the real score between her and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista in a showbiz talk show, The Buzz. In a sensational and revealing video footage, she said that she has nothing to be regretful about her short romantic liaison with Bautista. In fact, she was indeed very happy when the supposedly man of her dreams came into her life.

Kris Aquino finally admits that she truly loved QC Mayor Herbert Bautista,

Kris Aquino finally admits that she truly loved QC Mayor Herbert Bautista,

According to Aquino, she remained quiet about the issue because she was deeply hurt. Simply because, she truly loved Herbert Bautista. Moreover, she also noted that her youngest son Bimby really liked the actor-politician all because her ex boyfriend made her happy. Furthermore, the timing of their controversial relationship was just right according to the former presidential daughter her-self. Consequently her two loving sons of previous relationships are more than willing to share her and her unconditional love to the person concerned.

Similarly, Kris Aquino all the while believed that she will soon have a lifetime partner prior to their abrupt breakup. In the said video, she repeatedly said the word forever. Accordingly, she had vividly described their relationship as happy and normal. After calling it quits, Bautista reportedly apologized to her youngest child. In the same manner, Herbert allegedly promised her that he will soon come back after all the things about his personal life were settled. Kris held on to that promise because of love. She even prayed hard that someday they will be together.

But all these hopes and dreams were all bitterly shattered by a one-on-one interview with Bautista that it was really over between them. Conclusively, Kris Aquino has painfully revealed that indeed, there was no something down the road for them. Here’s the actual video footage of Kris for Herbert Bautista.

Truly, love is not always a bed of roses. It is constantly an uphill climb. But just the same, true love will sweetly find a way for someone who knows about the genuine meaning of it like Kris Aquino.

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