Love on the rebound for Kris Aquino is her cup of tea right now. But this time, it would be specially meant for her sons as well as her illustrious showbiz career. It goes without saying that there are more important things to do than her love life. As we all know, Aquino has been through a lot of ups and down when it comes to the most taxing and complicated matters of the heart. Last Friday, The Queen of All Media, were one of the deserving and lucky awardees at the Yahoo Celebrity Awards 2014.

TV personality and commercial endorser, Kris Aquino wants to give up on love as of now.

TV personality and commercial endorser, Kris Aquino wants to give up on love as of now.

In this respect, when she got interviewed by reporters she candidly admitted that perhaps; she was not really lucky in having a significant other to love and to hold. Maybe, this is her way of life right now because she has to still fulfill her never ending duties as a loving mom to her two precious children. According to her, if there would come a time that her soon to be grown up kids do not need her anymore life for her will be so sad. At last, Kris has given her-self a break by saying that she must be happy and contented with the unconditional and sweet love of her children no more, no less. Seriously, she said that maybe God is warning her to be contented with way things are going foe her.

On the other hand, Kris Aquino has somehow surmised that she is a good matchmaker for other people. In fact, she became a godparent to several celebrities like Karylle, Kuya Kim, Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin and others. Due to this unique talent of hers, those persons have become happy and contented with their personal lives right now.

Given this kind of situation, it is indeed nice to say that Kris Aquino still has the best of both worlds to be thankful for; because not all people are blessed with the kind of life that she has considering the fact that she is born with a silver spoon. Of course, money cannot buy everything. Nevertheless, she is not being left alone in the dark empty handed. Truly, God is good all the time.

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