Reality star Kylie Jenner is no stranger to posting provocative snaps on Twitter and Instagram. Just recently, her blackface photo sparks controversy for being racist, however, she’s blown away by all the positive support she gets on social media when it comes to her style.

Yet, again, the 17-year-old “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star shared a photo saying that she got piercings in ‘secret areas’ — while circling her nipples. Check out below Kylie Jenner Nipple Piercings Photo.

Kylie Jenner Nipple Piercing

Kylie Jenner hinted she had nipple piercings in a Snapchat photo Monday.

Do you think Kylie really got her nipples pierced? Or she just wants people to think she pierced her nipples? I think Kylie Jenner is the new Kim Kardashian. She has been making jaws drop much like her big sister Kim.

Her racy new image, like her eye-popping cleavage and curves has been going off lately. Despite of it all, I would still be shocked if she did in fact get her nipples pierced. Ouch!

What do you think? Is she too much, trying to be noticed at all costs? Share your thoughts below.


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