Kylie Padilla Breaks Up with Aljur Abrenica

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The sorrowful mysteries of love except no one. It is so excruciating and unbearable most specially if you have loved the person so dearly more than your own. This is what the beautiful daughter of action star Robin and former partner Liezl Sicangco is going through right now. Kylie Padilla and character actor Aljur Abrenica have parted ways after having a special relationship for more than a year.

Kylie Padilla calls it quits with actor Aljur Abrenica.

Kylie Padilla calls it quits with actor Aljur Abrenica.

In an exclusive interview with Startalk, a local entertainment talk show Kylie Padilla has bitterly disclosed that she and Aljur are no longer together. As far as the reason of their breakup was concerned, the multi-talented Kapuso star has refused to comment on the issue to avoid further complications for her and Aljur. However, she made it clear on national television that there was no third party involved contrary to rumors.

More so, the usual third party scenario had surfaced when these inseparable lovers were romantically linked to their respective onscreen partners. According to Kylie their separation had somehow shattered their beautiful dreams. In essence, the root cause of their separation is enormously full of nonsense.

Despite of what happened to them, she further clarified that she has no ill-feelings toward Aljur Abrenica. Instead, Kylie thanked him for all the good things that the sexy actor had taught her about everything that she needs to know. Over and above all things, she sweetly desires that Abrenica will be able to have the best things in life.

Kylie Padilla is now trying to mend a broken heart these days. But, one thing is for sure. She will be able to bounce back with the sweetest smile on her angelic face once again.

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