The people who are walking by the shores of Lake Michigan were greeted by an out of the ordinary spectacle as waves splashed against hundreds of huge ice balls. Those boulders of ice were formed when water from the lake started to freeze and are being pushed to the shore by the waves. This is according to meteorologist Jim Andrews.

This phenomenon was explained by Andrews this way, as the waves touched the shore. The ice is toppled, curved and frozen making it round in shape. It is also possible that the ice is shaped like a snowball or a hailstone and keeps on growing before they are washed into the shore. This process requires particular conditions. It is absolutely a normal occurrence

These adorable ice balls in Lake Michigan are sights to behold.

These adorable ice balls in Lake Michigan are sights to behold.

Specifically, ice balls can be seen lining up the shores of Lake Michigan following the week’s deep freeze. This astonishing sight was captured by lots of people visiting the lake. Thus, many YouTube users posted it on the site for others to see worldwide. This wintry weather occurrence, though very cool is not new. Small pieces of floating ice act like seeds, forming layers and layers of the so-cold lake water making some of them about the size of basketballs and weigh up to 75 pounds. These ice boulders do not sink because they are extremely solid. Scientifically, ice is said to be less dense than liquid water. Hence, these freezing balls look like a giant cocoa puffs.

Similarly, residents are not surprised to what happened to the lake because this is a normal occurrence for them. It is the result of the polar vortex that is being experienced in some parts of the United States. After freezing the Niagara Falls; nearby residents of Lake Michigan are experiencing floating snowballs in the entire lake. Imagine this. the sub-zero temperature brought snowballs to its shores. Ice boulders are common sights at the lake because the temperature is dropping below its freezing point. Generally, ice boulders are formed by the ice grouping together like snowballs.

These ice balls accumulate and they can unbelievably cover the entire area of Lake Michigan like blanket. Other strange winter incidents include: Pancake ice (It is an ice which has a round shape and has high borders). Meanwhile, ice foot is a wall of ice frozen on the shore and is formed as a result of the rise and fall of the tides and ice volcano respectively. Probably, you can still find these ice balls in Lake Michigan in funny shapes and sizes. Locals sometimes call it as ice boulders. Although it might seem so unnatural, this is something common to Great Lakes.

Likewise, this natural winter phenomenon on the lake’s shore has been getting some huge attention because of its unusual appearance. As the ice balls travel from the lake to the shore, they get bigger and bigger. However, some locals do perceive this as a very fascinating scientific explanation. According to them, there is a strange creature that lives within the lake. The creature lays eggs once every 10,000 years and those ice balls were allegedly its eggs.

As such, one Facebook user even joked about it. He said that everyone should leave that place while they still can. Is there a  monster living in the lake? There can be several explanations to it but these ice balls are sights to behold. Though its scientifically explainable, you can add this strange weather occurrence to the several lists of oddities that Mother Nature has ever created. Isn’t it about time to preserve these oddities that Mother Nature has generously given us?

To wrap up, its about time to take care of the environment for the future generation to appreciate and experience just like us, right? So, start with simple things like ice balls and see its effects on you and to our one and only Mother Planet.

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