“Lauryn Hill is the most disappointing concert I have ever been to. It’s heartbreaking,” a comment from one of Lauryn Hill’s fan on Twitter after she kept the crowd waiting, arriving on stage 90 minutes after the advertised starting time. Lauryn Hill Brixton Academy Gig was the first of five UK performances in a half a decade from the former member of The Fugees, unfortunately it trends on twitter for being awful. The disappointments began before Lauryn Hill had even taken to the stage on Saturday night.

Lauryn Hill Brixton Gig

Lauryn Hill performs at Brixton Academy.

One of the complaints about Lauryn Hill Brixton Academy Gig is the warm-up DJ, after he asked the crowd if any of them were from the West Coast of America despite the show being in London. Then, when Hill did begin, the crowd were shocked by massively rearranged versions of songs from her only solo album to date, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. Not only that, there were also complaints about the sound at the Academy, which was reportedly very loud and lacking clarity.

But the fact that the sound quality is terrible and there were nearly 5,000 disappointed fans in the auditorium, after watching the clip on YouTube the crowd seems to be enjoying it?. Lauryn Hill had a rough time for the last few years. I know it must have been annoying for those present but give her a break. Watch Lauryn Hill Brixton Academy Gig here.

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