The strong political dynamics of the Obama administration might somehow weaken with the pending resignation of Atty.Eric Holder. Holder is currently one of the key players of US President Barack Obama who works at the US State Department. However, he is not yet relinquishing his post until another confirmed appointment is already in place. Attorney Eric Holder is the 82nd attorney-general and the first-ever American-African to be deservingly appointed in such a powerful and tedious position in US politics.

Attorney Eric Holder is soon to resign as Obama's top man in the US State Department.

Attorney Eric Holder is soon to resign as Obama’s top man in the US State Department.

According to verified reports, he is officially vacating his post by the end of 2014. Speaking of his catalytic role in the administration of Obama, he acts as the Voice that is as prominent as the main man in the White House. Above anything else, Atty Holder is a pioneer in the controversial advocacy of same sex marriage and its inclusive rights.

In lieu of this situation, President Obama seems to have a difficulty in choosing the most exceptional successor of Holder. Nevertheless, there are already a roster of names that are being critically evaluated by President Obama to make the right choice. Among them are as follows: The ex-counsel of the White House in the person of Kathryn Ruemmler, Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. and former Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan. Along this line, he had had a talk with the US President which turned out to be fine and smooth-sailing.

In retrospect, Attorney Eric Holder in the early years of his life was quite a challenging one. He had seen those ruthless acts of violence in Selma. During the course of his colorful life as a lawyer, he actively joined some sit ins in Columbia University. Moreover, his lengthy discourse on major issues like civil rights as well as his courageous and defiant stance against racial discriminations had made him famous without bragging about anything. Eric Holder never wavered and wasted any time in implementing the much needed reforms of the criminal justice system of the United States. To date, he earnestly wanted to get rid of human inequalities which deter the progression of a sound and yet peaceful American society. He even told those grandstanding prosecutors not to seek long sentences for those crimes which are categorically classified as low-level crimes.

Moreover, he strongly pushed for the eradication of long sentences for nonviolent drug crimes. Just recently, Attorney Holder has announced that the Obama presidency was able to curb the growth of the federal prison population by a huge percentage since the 1980’s. As a result, he dearly expects this trend would continue within the next two years. On the contrary, his not so impressive track records on matters about civil liberties had only won a few accolades for some reason that Attorney Eric Holder is very much aware of.

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