A Nicolas Cage stellar just like in one of his best films Leaving Las Vegas, where he remarkably portrayed as a man who had an endless rendezvous with alcoholism is most likely the most exceptional antecedent of his latest flick entitled, Left Behind. But, did it have the same cinematic excellence just like the other films which gone before us? Let us take a closer look at it in the most unbiased manner. In the film, the flamboyant and arrogant Cage was yelling at those civilians who were in a state of panic for some unknown reason. However, this gesture of his did not establish the perfect connection to get into the bottom line of the story. To date, there was one sequence in the story wherein he locked him-self up in a simple cabin. Just the same, Left Behind has to be essayed and critically reviewed for the sake of a cinematic justice that can never be questioned from any point or angle that it was presented to meticulous moviegoers.

In case you are not aware of this undeniable fact, this was an actual remake of the 2001 movie which was top billed by Kink Cameron. Moreover, this was entirely based on an apocalyptic novel which was authored by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. These best-selling books are said to be the modern-day reflections of what biblical scholars are referring to as biblical raptures. In its interesting spiritual context, it talks about how Christians will be brought to Heaven in the Last Days. Likewise, a rapture is a spine-tingling scenario wherein the fires of Hell will break loose on our Mother Planet.

Nicolas Cage stars in another hilarious movie, Left Behind.

Nicolas Cage stars in another hilarious movie, Left Behind.

On the other hand, the newest version of Left Behind Cage takes the role of Captain Rayford Steele. He was a commercial pilot who was about to celebrate his birthday with his family. However, he was given an immediate job assignment during the last minute. He was assigned to travel to London and New York one after the other. Actually, it was blessing in disguise trip because it was one of the best scapegoats of the protagonist to get rid of his wife even for just a couple of days. In summary, his wife was too imposing and strange insofar as her religious beliefs are concerned. Unfortunately, her hubby had an illicit affair with one of the most beautiful flight attendants in the world.

On the other side of the story, Chloe had confronted her mom about her spiritual beliefs to make her rational again. So much so for the plot, Left Behind is one kind of a flick which unfairly makes every viewer clueless as to what the audience were watching. Worst of all, it took about 30 minutes prior to the start of the dreaded rapture. Moreover, it has lots of senseless conversations which were not related to the story itself. To sum up, Left Behind is another kind of a lousy film that should be modified as far as its storyline is concerned just in case that it would be subjected to a remake in the future.

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