Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return: The Review

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The movie Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, is based on the novel written by Roger S Baum, the great grandson of L Frank, this animated movie has a strong and solid plot and characters that will hold the moviegoers’ attention even if a sub-standard animation continuously throws them out of the story. Though the  animated characters are beautifully rendered; but  their faces do not have the expression and plasticity of Pixar and Blue Sky plus a quite bent direction which make this movie even more clunkier; though its ideas which have been injected in the movie can spark up the viewers’ wandering imagination. Looking at the bright side, this big screen computer-generated animation is already beyond decades. Moreover, this fabulous fantasy-oriented movie has a decent production design – A dark and abandoned Emerald City, glittering and impressive ceramic and a delicious and juicy-looking 3D sweets in Candy Country.

Meanwhile, Kansas has been destroyed by tornadoes and Dorothy is coming home to find the farm in ruins. To begin with, she was transported back to Oz and get on in a quest to save her old friends, the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man . It was because the crazy Jester has kidnapped a good witch Glinda and thereby, plunging into Oz his reign of mad terror. In the story of The Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, Dorothy makes her way across the countryside to Emerald City. She teams up with Wiser the Owl, Marshal Mallow, the China Princess and the ancient tree Tugg before taking on Jester and his army of flying monkeys.

The Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

The Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, is for both young and old alike, who wants to unleash their childlike adventures.

Initially, the movie did not even bother to explain why Jester is so determined to destroy everything. He is just an evil just like those other crooks. This simple approach undermines everything about the story extending to the cliché design and imagery. None of the story’s characters feel like they have weight, physically or dramatically speaking. The characters are painfully skinny and they seem to be disconnected from each other on screen. However, It is still a good thing that some of the A-list voice actors have excellently put some attitude into the animated film’s dull dialogue. On a rebound, throw away moments helped a lot in adding a brilliantly thought of texture as well as some outrageous explosive scenes which specially gave Martin Short the rare chance to chew merrily on the scenery. Likewise, all of its cast members have good singing voices. Although, only two of the songs are slightly memorable.

Knowingly, the story requires Oz to look wrecked and worn out so the movie never goes for that sunny, too cheery design the audiences are used to, instead of concentrating on the dangers and darkness of life. This makes lands like Candy County a lot edgier than what is expected. It has removed a sense of vibrancy from Emerald City. With a meticulous animation approach to the characters them- selves, the film would have had a shot of being a classic flick. But when it is compared to Hollywood, Japanese and European animations it will look only like a second rate. Meaning, that it will only work its magic on young children.

Animation expert Daniel St. Pierre who doubles as a production designer, and Will Finn have both worked really hard to achieve a kind of cinematic perfection for all generations. In fact, they have consistently done some modes switching from bright to bouncy, to shrill and manic to soft and emotional. As a result, each shift had only made an awkward transition. The bouncy ride is noticeable during those bookended sequences back in modern-day Kansas where the effects of the storm are portrayed with a degree of realism; but that particular sequence has somehow reflected an out of place scenario. Here’s a slight teaser of the said animated work of art. Watch this.

Overall, the movie Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return could attract younger audiences but some of the loud, darker sequences might prove to be extremely powerful for very young audiences. Just the same, it is still a worth watching movie with lessons about real friendship and teamwork.

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