Lemon Plus Baking Soda Equals Cancer-Free Health

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Scientific breakthroughs for all types of cancer might be put on the sidelines by those people who are very much desperate to get rid of cancer for good without side effects. Interestingly, an extremely revealing health article has significantly concluded the marvelous effects of lemon plus baking soda is much stronger than a harmful chemotherapy session which will cost every patient around Php 5,000 here in the Philippines alone. Objectively, the author of this article has nothing against the tedious process of chemotherapy. However, if there are other means to alleviate the miseries of cancer victims why should not the complex and innovative medical fora try it as well? Let this article find out the major reasons why as how a piece of lemon and a baking soda can combat cancer-causing tumors gradually.

How could a mixture of a lemon and baking soda cure cancer? It’s just a matter of scientific understanding that lemons have inherent carcinogenic properties. Moreover, this type of citrus has remarkable effects on cysts and tumors based on time-tested experimental studies. Look at this. A simple citrus fruit is bursting with cancer healing effects since time immemorial. As far as a small amount of baking soda is concerned, it is said that it will normalize the pH level of a cancer patient. Therefore, cancer cells will no longer spread until they totally disappear.

Lemon and Baking Soda

Lemon and baking soda is much stronger than a chemotherapy session.

Some recent studies have shown that those people who have consumed a citrus fruit of at least 150 grams per week have amazingly decreased their cancer susceptibility by 58%. This goes for those people with throat cancers. Speaking of a gastrointestinal cancer, it will be minimized by as much as 31%. Similarly, colorectal cancers will be down by 31%. Last but not the least, breast cancers will have their own share of getting eradicated by 22%. Treatment wise, cancer afflicted patients should simply do this. Combine two teaspoons of lemon juice and a half teaspoon of baking soda.

But, always make sure that you are going to use some organic lemons. These are 100% more effective than the non-organic ones. There is no harm in trying. After all, the perfect chemistry of lemon plus baking soda cancer treatment is scientifically validated by researchers.


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