The unpredictable existence of man, is constantly geared towards the quest of an incomparable kind of happiness in which lies a much more beautiful horizon that has to be impeccably explored for as long as he lives. To expound, the genuine essence of being happy is to do those simple pleasures in life such as out-of-town trips, bonding time with your family and the likes. According to experts, these activities are collectively known as life experiences.

Based on their recent scientific experiments, it was significantly found out that actual experiences in life can make people even happier than material things that this ever changing world can gladly offer without reservations. In the said study, people from different walks of life were candidly interviewed prior and after doing their very own purchases of those things that are temporary and fleeting.

A quality bonding moment is more important than material wealth.

A quality bonding moment is more important than material wealth.

In a recent news, an assistant professor of psychology at the San Francisco State University has optimistically concluded that people are totally aware of the fact that their actual experiences in life will make them happy. This tremendous conclusion was according to Professor Ryan Howell. Likewise, he said.

What they really underestimate is how much monetary value they will get out of a life experience, Even though they’re told experiences will make them happier and they know experiences will make them happier, they still perceive material items as being a better value.

In addition to this, Howell has said that life experiences have memories. On the other hand, material good have actual retail values which are very unforgettable for some people. Thus, he said.

We naturally associate economic value with stuff. I bought this car, it’s worth $8,000, We have a hard time estimating the economic value we would place on our memories.

When asked about the real meaning of happiness, he has this to say.

Happiness is not some fleeting, positive emotion we experience in the moment.

Even without this scientific study about ultimate happiness and its harmonious relationship with life experiences, it is indeed a given premise that the bittersweet journeys about life and its most cherished memories are the most special gifts that we have joyfully received from the high heavens to make our existence more fruitful and satisfying till we breathe our last.

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