Our temporal existence is not always a bed of roses. Tribulations are endless, as if we are not capable of successfully surmounting without fear. So, what lies ahead for all of us after all of these? Don’t despair our avid readers.

Life is so short. Live well with satisfaction.

Life is so short. Live well with satisfaction.

Read and absorb these life improving reminders and have a peaceful and abundant life ahead. Have you heard about this best selling book which was authored by Tony Robbin? The awesome title of this magnificent masterpiece is Unlimited Power. According to his book, there are many life improving reminders that you must live by each day in order to make your life more gratifying just like from the very day that you were born. It is so essential to start your day right. Of course, this has to be based on the varying cycles of our body. Always make it a point to determine these energies and you must able to work based on that situation. Ask the following questions to your-self as much as possible. Among these are: When do you feel most energetic? What are times of the day that your work are best in doing certain kinds of work? What do you do to manage your energy during the day? Second, have adequate naps daily to recharge after hours and hours of a demanding job. Ideally, a 20 minute nap is already sufficient. Naps improve mental alertness, your mood and your work performance. These are best done between 12:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. Then, allow yourself to rest for a while between 10 to 15 minutes. After which, go back to your job and finish them with a clear frame of mind. Despite of your tiring demands and accomplishment, you must develop the habit of having a consistent waking up time. Try doing this.

Set a consistent alarm time for a month. Never mind the snooze button. Remarkably, you will wake up of being stress free all day. Drink a lot so that every part of your body will be totally cleansed and hydrated. Drink about 60 oz of water after got up. Water perfectly fires up our metabolism. Never resort to energy drinks to boost you because these are loaded with caffeine and sugar. These will only have side effects in the long run. Some of these are heart palpitations, seizures and dizziness. Organize your life to the best of your ability. Essentially, this will magnificently result in self control and will undoubtedly boost your self esteem to its maximum peak. Best of all, your heart, body and mind will be more focused to future goals in life. To be organized, you have write, put everything back in its appropriate places and remove clutters each day. Life improving reminders will always tell us that our lives are not meant for miseries; but for peace and happiness alone.

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