Lights Out – Who’s There is a 2 minute scary video that got really famous over social media and other video sites such as youtube. It has been tagged as the most scariest short video ever created. Some even say that it is traumatizing to watch and because of this I was intrigued and tried watching it. I must say, it surely scared the hell out of me and gave me goose bumps and scary thoughts that lasted for hours. This is probably because of the usual event that can happen to anyone and the sound effects that are well blended to the scary scene.


I almost forgot to mention that this video is the winner of the 2014 Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge for short films. Can you imagine that? A 2 minute video that will scare you to death! Also, the director of this video, David F. Sandberg, won the Best Director award for short film maker. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone but it does not end there. The actress who played the main role in the video is actually Sandberg’s wife, Lotta Losten. Sandberg was so amazed by the popularity of his video where it already had millions of views in youtube.

If you really are brave and wanted to try to find out for yourself, watch it now. I would recommend watching it alone for a much frightening experience.

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