In the ’80s, there was a sweet-sounding voice who captivated millions of preppy teens with her endearing revival of the song, It’s Only a Friend. Later, in those years she once became a singer for a Coca Cola commercial jingle. Her name is Lilet. Lilet in the same way was also alluded to as the Muse of OPM. Currently, she is more than blessed by the Almighty as she sings for Him with all love and praises as a newbie composer.

Singer turned composer, Lilet is more than blessed by God nowadays.

Singer turned composer, Lilet is more than blessed by God nowadays.

She composed a beautiful songs for A Song of Praise. As to how this came to be, read on the subsequent paragraphs. She was fortunately invited as a judge of ASOP. But, perhaps God wanted her to take a new and different route with an enlightening purpose. She did not become a judge. Instead, Lilet has chosen to become one of its prestigious finalists. From her end, she wants to do some praise songs these years. Maybe, it is her one way of thanking God for all the blessings that she had received in her fruitful life. Going back, she is now one of ASOP’s grand finalist. In July, she got an average score of 99% the highest ever in the history of ASOP. Due to its one-of-a-kind melody, it became the Song of the Month last July.

If you want to vote for Lilet’s official entry to ASOP which is entitled, You Are Lord of All. just follow the following mechanics.

How to Vote for Lilet’s Official Entry to ASOP

Simply follow the following steps to vote for Lilet’s ASOP entry.

  1. REGISTER. Type: ASOPREG/CITY or TOWN. Send to 2253.
  2. VOTE. Type: ASOPFinalist Code. Send to 2253.

By the way, the voting process is unlimited. Therefore, you can key in your votes as many times as you wish. Jot down her finalist code which is GF7. Indeed, the Filipino talent is a genius. Let us all support Lilet and be grateful for God’s love endlessly.

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