LiquidOff The World’s Most Advanced Self-Cleaning Solution is a very intriguing creation by Harold Stewart. He developed a solution that uses the power of nanotechnology to repel against those countless wine spills, mud splatters, baby puke, and whatever else life brings your way. And all this take is a simple LiquidOff spray onto the surface of anything you wish to protect.

LiquidOff technology offers a safe and effective self-cleaning solution through the use of nanotechnology. Compared to traditional applications, LiquidOff is completely safe and produces much better results in regards to it’s super hydrophobic properties and washing permanence. Our spray also has no effect on clothing comfort, look, feel, or breathability.

LiquidOff Wate Repellant

LiquidOff, a solution that is effective and safe.

The new and revolutionary product is highly effective, yet completely free of all solvents and toxic chemicals. LiquidOff is the Green and Eco-friendly solution that will save your time and money.

This is so amazing indeed, however, this one question from a comment made me also realize this: “After you have used the fabric product do you have to wash your clothes ever again? And if so how do you wash them if water repels its self“? Check out the awesome LiquidOff Youtube video below.

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