The healthy habit of drinking water cleanses the body from all unknown impurities to make us healthy and strong. But did you know that our water is rich in lithium which is believed to be in making the human lifespan much longer? Likewise, its different amount varies from one place to another. Based on the remarkable findings of both German and Japanese researchers they have found out that those people who have less lithiums in their bodies have shorter lives. This shocking scientific fact will be published very soon in the European Journal of Nutrition.

Your drinking water contains lithium which prolongs lifespan.

Your drinking water contains lithium which prolongs lifespan.

Generally, lithium is one kind of trace element which is preciously found in drinking water and those green and lush veggies that we eat. This is a type of light metal which is also present in volcanic rocks. Therefore, water which beautifully flows from these rocks contains more lithiums as compared to those that do not. Meanwhile, some of its known health essentials are as follows: It effectively wards off infectious diseases, it relieves your gout symptoms and the likes. As far as rats are concerned, if they happen to lack this element they tend to suffer from different behavioral abnormalities experts say. Best of all, higher doses of Li are used to treat psychiatric problems gradually. In addition, this particular element can incredibly lower the incidence of mortality which is sometimes brought about by suicidal risks.

The ideal concentration of Li ranges from 0.7 to 59 mcg/L. In the year 1949, an Austrian psychiatrist whose name is John Cade has published that some amounts of Li are also used in curing manias no matter what the root causes are. Remarkably, it is highly recommended that pregnant women must drink more water to foster the natural development of their babies. These elements pave the for the growth of neurons in humans. In so doing, stress is relatively minimized. Li protects the primal parts of the brain, to make it more efficient and sharp all the time. Significantly, older people need more water to prevent them from having a dementia. Furthermore, it lessens cardiac problems in the long run. Essentially, Li is always present in the water that we drink because it has Li chloride which magnificently aids the water’s holding capacity.

Health wise, it speeds up our metabolic processes without delays. Speaking of its environmental benefits, it is quickly absorbed by the plants which initiates their swift growth in no time at all. Indeed, lithium in water does not make compromises. With all these health, environmental and psychological benefits, there is no doubt that you will drink as much as 8 glasses of it even with an empty stomach.

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