There were nights of endless thinking and writing my articles, as I live in solitaire for several years now; ever since my loving grandfather died from a respiratory ailment. I never thought that my life will never be the same again without him and those other significant people who told me time and again to study hard although their kind of motivation was a bit too conventional. Now, that they are both gone to be with Our Creator I have learned to be more independent than I were before. Despite of my disability, my everyday existence can be positively compared to a busy career woman who wants to get things done right away. As soon as I get up from bed, i have to prepare my delivered food from top to finish. Then, i have to go to the bathroom to bathe my-self in preparation of my online writing job. Each day of my life, i have to bear with the pain and loneliness of living all by myself in my own little room of which i usually refer to as my little paradise

These persons are just like me, Doing-computer-related jobs everyday.

These persons are just like me, Doing-computer-related jobs everyday.

Many people would somehow ask me a very intriguing question. Why did I choose to live in solitaire? Though it is somewhat a personal question to address, the simple but meaningful answer of mine is this. I do not want hurt anybody when I am stressed out because of multi-tasking existence. For all those who do not know me on a personal level. I am blessed with an intellectual ability that I will also utilize to work for a wonderful boss who had given me everything that I need.- The intensive and comprehensive training in online writing and the worldwide exposure that I am now enjoying to the hilt. Apart from these, I am also a paranormal expert prior to my online writing career.

In other words, these noble vocations of mine need a tranquil environment of which I will not be able to achieve in my mom’s house at the moment. She had lots of grandchildren to take care of. Nevertheless, our emotional bonding is stronger than ever before. On the other hand, the advantages of living in solitaire are: I can sleep and wake up anytime that I want and I have more time to do some experimentations on how I can move with ease around my little house without disturbing anybody as much as possible. Emotionally, I have learned on how to be optimistic and on how to be more matured. Last but not the least, to be in solitaire has gradually taught me on how to do some budgeting techniques that are so easy to apply.

Now, my final analysis of my life in solitaire? I am so happy that God had given the chance to do so. It is in this melancholic situation that I have known my real friends. Above anything else, I have realized how powerful God is. He is with me night and day to sustain me with the power of Holy Spirit to remarkably refresh my weak flesh, a striving heart and soul to see His lasting countenance very soon.

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