The most beautiful travel destinations in the world, bring about a wonderful rendezvous that each one of us is earnestly searching for. This year, it is extremely interesting to note that London, the British capital of the world was recently adjudged as the Most Visited City in the World. It was subsequently followed by Bangkok and Paris respectively. This was based on the latest roster of the MasterCard Global Destination Index.

In London, the Buckingham Palace is home to the most powerful family in the world.

In London, the Buckingham Palace is home to the most powerful family in the world.

To further elaborate, it has based its annual ranking in accordance to the number of tourists and their varying travel expenditures as well. Likewise, there are many tourist attractions in London that you might fall in love with all over again. These are as follows: The Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the thrilling adventures of London Eye. As of 2014 alone, the estimated influx of tourists in this fascinating European country is more than 18.3 million. As far as its spoken languages, it is amazing to discover that her hardworking people has a total of 300 languages within its finest territorial boundaries.

Speaking of its climate, it has been characterized as temperate oceanic climate, To further expound, it is simply a city with so much or frequent rainfalls. As for its invigorating culture, it has an overwhelming regard for the arts, commerce and fashion to name a few. This is the major reason why it is being deservingly alluded to as the World’s Cultural Capital.

These world-renowned attributes of London have distinctively left a lasting global envisage that will never fail to transcend this country into a magnificent arena of abounding socio-economic revolution that can never be replicated by any country through the years.

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