A singer’s unprecedented accomplishments are the best treasures that a talented individual can ever share to those people whom he or she dearly loves. In today’s newest generation of international singers, there is one amazing name which captivated my fancy and attention by just the mere sound of her magical name alone. She is no other than but the woman with an extremely powerful singing voice. Her name is Lorde.

Lorde, the newest international singer to watch out for is really outrageous,

Lorde, the newest international singer to watch out for is really outrageous.

Currently, she is one of the most admired and iconic singers of our modern times. It was all because of her most popular song in the phenomenal album, Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. In this very amazing album, one of its most listened to soundtrack had been adjudged as the Highest Alternative Song done by a female singer since the later circa of the ’90s. In the same manner, this particular song had magnificently made it possible for Lorde to become the one and only singer with the highest launch of songs in Billboard 100. More so, the said phenomenal composition has been alluded to as on of the greatest Adult Alternative Songs, which luckily capped the 19th slot.

In addition, this beautiful song had already made a total of 5.2 million audience share in its first few weeks on the Billboard Charts. Do you want to know about the mesmerizing title of this song by Lorde’s? This is no other than but the Yellow Flicker Beat. Yellow Flicker Beat has created a world-renowned record of being one of the requested songs in the sophisticated realm of modern music today. Conversely, Lorde has made her-self known in the competitive world of international music scene by making it sure that every song that she sings is a sure winner without a shadow of a doubt. This is regardless of the fact of her flying gender’s flag so to speak. According to Jeff Regan,

I love that, this time, her being a woman is not the focus. With 46 plays for Yellow in the Nielsen BDS tracking week ending Oct. 5, Alt Nation led all Alternative Songs reporters in first-week spins for the track. (KROQ Los Angeles ranked second with 42 plays, followed by WSUN Tampa, Fla., with 40.) It’s a very good song. The writing is genuine. There’s depth to the lyrics and phrasing.


t’s not sappy pop, but it’s also not too dark to be off-putting. I’m also beyond psyched that she worked with Paul Epworth [Adele, Florence + the Machine, Bruno Mars] on it.

Ultimately, the chart-busting hits of Lorde can be likened to a trajectory of a bullet which goes up and perfectly hits its target like a bolt of lightning.

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