A cabinet revamp necessitates a kind of social progress that can be positively translated as a stern leadership with so much dreams and ambitions to fulfill. US President Barack Obama seems to have his most anointed one in the coming weeks when everything has already been finalized. According to news reports, Obama is scheduled to nominate an exceptional mind to be a part of his prolific and legendary presidential team. This is no other than but Brooklyn federal prosecutor, Loretta Lynch.

The brilliant and dynamic Attorney Loretta Lynch is being tapped by US President Obama to become his next AG.

The brilliant and dynamic Attorney Loretta Lynch is being tapped by US President Obama to become his next AG.

She will replace an outgoing member of the Obama cabinet, Eric Holder. If Lynch finally gets a unanimous confirmation, she will be the first ever black woman attorney to serve at the pleasure of a US President at the White House. Based on her brief but impressive portfolio, Loretta Lynch is a 55-year old legal luminary from North Carolina. Moreover, her intensive trainings in the legal parlance was courtesy of Harvard University. As a lawyer, her field of expertise include both civil and corporate fraud cases.

Although she had achieved so much in her field of specialization, she is described by her colleagues as someone who has a low-profile personality. However, Loretta Lynch was never able to escape the nasty world of intrigues and controversies in relation to her illustrious career as a lawyer. She had experienced the worst nightmares of her life when she was still a US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Going back, her much awaited appointment as an Attorney General of the White House so requires a Senate confirmation. In lieu of this, the same legislative branch of the US Congress had unanimously voted for Loretta to be appointed in her numerous federal prosecutor occupations.

Nevertheless, its already a sure hit for Lynch once her appointment is at hand. There are circulating rumors that her juiciest post in the Obama government will be announced at a forthcoming event at the White House in the coming days. It is very rare that US President Obama did appoint somebody for a sensitive position that is totally outside of his inner circle. In other developments, sources who are closely associated with the US President have said that controversies after her cabinet appointment will generate some dubious talks for the so-called easy Senate approval. According to Chuck Grassley, a top Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee he candidly remarked.

I will receive a very fair, but thorough, vetting by the panel. I’m hopeful that her tenure, if confirmed, will restore confidence in the Attorney General as a politically independent voice for the American people.

Since the Obama presidency had dramatically changed the political landscape of the United States, the unprecedented nomination of Attorney Loretta Lynch would be one of the most historic milestones of Barack Obama because she was officially recommended by Attorney Eric Holder to be the next Attorney General of the White House.

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