Award winning dramatic actress Lorna Tolentino has lovingly shared that detained senator Jinggoy Estrada is missing her late husband, action star Rudy Fernandez in this trying moments of his life. Tolentino says that Daboy always acted as the peacemaker of those two detained lawmakers whenever that they have differences. Now, that they are both incarcerated for plunder charges and several other cases they are now very much inseparable. For those of you out there who eagerly wanted to know about their different kind of friendship, Revilla, Estrada, Salvador and Fernandez are the best of friends in and out of local showbiz.

Dramatic actress Lorna Tolentino says that Senator Jinggoy Estrada misses her husband so much.

Dramatic actress Lorna Tolentino says that Senator Jinggoy Estrada misses her husband so much.

They have always supported one another through thick and thin. According to Tolentino, if Rudy Fernandez was still alive he will visit the good senator and bring him something to eat inside his detention cell. As far as the condition of the lawmaker is concerned, Lorna Tolentino has confirmed that it is really hot in the detention of their senator friend. However, Senator Estrada is pretty much fine. When she last visited Senator Estrada, she said that Jinggoy is so much thankful for those green plants that were sent to him by their generous friends.

Meanwhile, Senator Jinggoy has openly shared his sentiments and worries about his family. He is very much concerned of their welfare. In addition to this, Estrada is very much concerned with his youngest daughter Jill who is very dear and close to him. Going back, Lorna Tolentino is so preoccupied with her new tv series . In this latest project, she plays a dedicated mother whose life will really change when an unexpected trial will come their way.

Apart from her busy sked, Lorna Tolentino tries everything that she could to make her-self happy despite of the fact that her beloved husband is no longer beside her. According to her previous interviews, life will never be the same again without Daboy. Prior to the death of her husband, she painfully revealed that the late action star hss extremely suffered due to cancer.

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