Have you ever thought how a lovable dog can get so crazy and wacky for a refreshing cone of ice cream? This trending and cute story via the internet tells everyone that even these adorable animals have their own share of funny moments, most especially when they they need to immediately satisfy their passionate desires to make them much happier. Read this rib-tickling story and see how a dog shouts to the whole world that manners are all nonsense when a delicious ice cream enters the picture. Daisy and Cooper are two adorable dogs who were generously treated to a popular fastfood chain in the US to enjoy their favorite ice cream by using a drive thru. When their driver showed them the ice cream of their dreams, Daisy got irked and impatient while the Cooper waits for his turn. Although veterinarians do not advise dog owners to feed their pets width sweets, the proud and beaming master of Cooper and Daisy is doing the reverse. She always make sure that Cooper gets an ice cream every Friday. Indeed, a lovable dog has to have the best of both worlds without reservations.

Sometimes dogs go crazy over their favorite dessert.

Sometimes dogs go crazy over their favorite dessert.

A lovable dog like Daisy, knows how to superbly satisfy her passionate desires despite of the fact that she has to decently find ways to make that move more refined and acceptable to society. However, there are times when a special creature like her must be able to accomplish her goal as swiftly as possible to further realize that life is truly worth living, though personal satisfaction has a long way to go.


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