In the continuing discussion about love potion, its efficacy is not always the same from one person to another. Simply because, there are some people whose auras are much stronger than the love spell that you are about to use on a particular individual. Therefore, do take note that if this would ever happen during your experimentation on this magical wit you must always ensure that you are spiritually prepared inside and out. By definition, spiritual preparedness means that you have done some meditation rituals prior to your discovery and execution of subjecting a love object under your witty love spell.

A love spell ritual which is usually done every 12:00 midnight,

A love spell ritual which is usually done every 12:00 midnight,

The succeeding paragraphs will provide you with a brief overview as to how a love potion is spiritually injected into the mind, body and soul of a helpless victims. For our beloved readers out there, it is not advisable nor recommended that you should do this just for the sake of curiosity or for whatever purpose that you have in mind. After all, the main objective of this article is basically to provide an enriching and valuable information that medical science cannot really explain through scientific means.

How a Love Spell is Done?

In doing a love spell ritual, these things have to be prepared first. Several colors of candles which should be in accordance to your purpose. Some of these are the following: A photo of your victim or object, black and red candles, pink and yellow incense sticks, a personal belonging of our object, address of the person, birth year and your list of wishes. After which, you may start doing these steps below.

  1. Put the picture of the person you love most, in a clean saucer and do some creative visualization.- In doing this step, imagine that the person whom your heart throbs for, likes you more than you like him/her. This is what you call a reverse psychology process.
  2. Start lighting three colored candles according to your intentions.- To be specific enough, if you are so determined to win the heart of the person you love most, make use of three pink candles. Place then carefully at the bottom of the photo that you have previously prepared.
  3. Seek the intercession of several spirits most specially of those dead people who are in Purgatory.- Of course, there is no special way for you to know if you’re departed loved ones is in that particular dimension. So, all you have to do is to pray for them in general Kindly provide these important details in your prayers. Name of the person and the message that you want to convey. Do this every morning and before going to bed.
  4. Use a specific Latin prayer only. Never utilize as many as you can, because it will have a negative effect on your physical body.- Now, where should get these incantations? In this case, your resourcefulness matters a lot. Search for those prayers that are being used by Catholic priests during the ancient times. Once you have already found them, read them from left to right for about seven times. After which, make mention of your wishes.
  5. During Tuesdays and Fridays, make a sincere prayer offering to the Saints of Love.- They are Saint Jude Thaddeus, Saint Joseph and Saint Philomena. To do this, place the photo of your love desire inside their prayer booklet. Always remember that you only have to choose one among them. On the other hand, if you are a non-Catholic just sincerely read any Bible verse which pertains to love.
  6. Do this step in all faith and honesty, until you have successfully achieved the yearnings of your lonely and restless heart.- As much as possible, do this as frequently as you can most specially when a major development has transpired. In this regard, do these love potion techniques every three hours.

The magical wonders and lasting effects of a love potion, depend on the kind of intentions that you have within your person. So, if you are so much head over heels in love with whoever be sure that it genuinely comes from the bottom of your heart.


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