Lovi Poe is so much elated to note that her best friend was able to find her match and true love. Poe, was one of the first persons who intimately knew about the tear-jerking marriage proposal of Senator Chiz Escudero to the beautiful Heart Evangelista. Admittedly, she further revealed that both she and Chiz are always communicating as to how Escudero is going propose to Heart Evangelista in all sincerity. Although Poe did not elaborate that much, she says that Heart is too lucky because true love knocked on her heart at the right place and time.

Actress Lovi Poe says that true love is rare to find.

Actress Lovi Poe says that true love is rare to find.

For her, this is one of the most challenging aspect when each one of us tries to complete the missing within us. But, Heart Evangelista has exceptionally proven that everything is possible in the name of love. Lovi Poe says that the soon to be married high profile couple really jive and complement each other when it comes to everything under the sun. These wonderful people are in the same way the best of friends. Along this line, Heart has learned so much from the articulate lawmaker most specially when it comes to being independent and thrifty in life. On her part Lovi says that she never hurries on love because her priority right now is her career. Although she has a boyfriend, marriage is too far from her mind. Currently, her heart belongs to actor Rocco Nacino.

Going back to the heartwarming engagement, Lovi says that the bride to be was crying because Heart did not expect those things to happen so soon. Lovi said that the the timing of the marriage proposal was not meant for something else. It is because, Senator Escudero and Heart Evangelista both believed that true love changes everything.

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