The Lubang Island is considered as the Philippines’ biggest archipelago which can be found at the northwestern section of the northern part of Mindoro. In addition, the beauteous Island of Lubang is approximately 150 kilometers away of Manila’s southwest side. Actually, Lubang is a group of enchanting archipelagos which is comprised of seven islands. However, it is distinctly divided into two progressive municipalities.

The beauteous Lubang Island.

The beauteous Lubang Island.

Based from historical accounts, the island had once become the secret asylum of a famous illegal immigrant for 29 years. Moreover, it has the biggest settlement which is no other than but the town of Lubang. It is located in the western hemisphere of the island. As far as its eastern aggregate is concerned, it is grandiosely covered by the ever-dynamic Looc municipality. Historically, it had become the ancestral settlement of the Visayans. According to horological accounts, it all started about 30,000 years ago. Based on historical accounts, Also, Lubang had become the ancestral settlement of the Visayans. According to horological accounts, it all started about 30,000 years ago. Thus, these islands were preoccupied by the early Tagalogs as well. When those tyrant Spanish conquerors set foot on Philippine soil, it had become one of the strongest fortresses of the Spanish conquistadores.

Historical Background

After World War II, this place had been turned into a safest refuge by one of the most illustrious names in Japanese history. He was Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese intelligence officer who had secretly concealed himself in the wilds when his allies had bitterly repossessed the beleaguered Philippines. Thus, his adamant military forces continued to fight their enemies till the last drop of their precious blood against the American comrades. After which, they had struggled against the Commonwealth government without mercy. In essence, it is one of the most significant historical sites in the Philippines because it had colorfully envisaged how the Philippine territory was able to conquer the storm during those dark and chaotic days of World War II. Geographically, the northwestern route going to the southeast is mainly composed of four primary archipelagos. These are christened as follows; The Cabra, Golo, Ambil and Lubang Islands, respectively.

Famous Tourist Attractions

As previously mentioned, the tourism industry of Lubang is something her people can be truly proud of. Have you ever imagined yourself to be in the cradling arms of these groups of islands in no time at all? Well, if you do, here are some of its finest and flourishing tourist spots which will definitely leave each one of you breathless and bewildered at the same time. Are you ready to be in a wonderland of thrills and excitements at Lubang Islands?

The majestic Lubang Island.

The majestic Lubang Island.

  • Hulagaan Falls and Beach- Hulagaan Falls– These will capture your artistic fancies, when you and your friends personally explore the winsomeness of Lubang Islands without exaggerations or whatsoever. This exhilarating body of water is located in the tranquil barangay of Binacas. Did you know that these falls will easily lead you all the way to a stony beach? As to how its going to happen, it is for you to find out. Ideally, this the best place to be for those people who really love hiking to the hilt. But, they must always be sure that they will do this adrenalin-pumping adventure barefooted
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  • Gazar Air Station of the Philippine Air Force– It is conveniently located on top of Mount Ambulong. This is one of the most riveting tourist attractions in Lubang Islands, because you can have a perfect panoramic view of the whole archipelago when you try to visit this worth seeing tourist attraction during your much-awaited vacation escapade
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  • Extraordinary Rock Formations– These amazing natural resources of Lubang Islands have unquestionably resembled the miraculous and powerful hands of God in order to show everyone that in Him, everything is possible. This is to make the Philippines a well-endowed island that could undoubtedly launch a thousand ships
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Best Time To Go There

Travel and leisure reviewers who had excitingly communed with her for more than two days, have come up with a unanimous conclusion that the best months to see these lofty islands are from December to April.

Getting There

There are two easy options on how to get there. Since Lubang has an airfield of its own, it can accommodate small aircrafts. Another way, is by sea. In this case, the island is inherently endowed with two efficient and fast sea ports. These entry points can be reached by taking a ferry from the Manila North Harbor. For your utmost convenience, there are also boats which are wood-crafted and are originally emanating from the different ports in Calatagan, Batangas.

For Manila residents, it can be accessible by taking any of these sea vessels which are owned and operated by Atienza Shipping Lines. Their friendly and approachable management and staff cater to those travelers who are traversing the routes of Manila Tilik and vice versa. This public service goes on a regular basis every Mondays at 12:00 high noon.

There is no other place like Lubang Island, which can ever surpass its stately ambiance and continuously culture as the years come and go. She has excellently exuded a kind of exquisiteness which has meaningfully transformed the Filipinos’ prismatic history into a rare tourist attraction that instinctively silences the human senses with unspeakable ravishment through the years.

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