The exciting world of Philippine politics is getting bigger than it used to be in terms of breadth, interests and its psychological make up. Significantly, there are many celebrities who had eagerly shown their noblest intentions to serve their countrymen to the best of their abilities. However, some of them failed to do so because of the following reasons: Lack of competence, inadequate campaign funds and their dwindling popularity among those wise and practical voters who are very much tired of the candidates’ false hopes and promises. On the other hand, there are local celebrities who still want want to be in the political limelight soon. One of them is Filipino actor and TV host, Luis Manzano. Manzano is the eldest son of TV and movie actress turned politician Mayor Vilma Santos.

Will Luis Manzano follow the footsteps of her mom?

Will Luis Manzano follow the footsteps of her mom?

Luis Manzano has said in one of his interviews that,

Maybe in two months time, we are going to talk about it. However. there’s no guarantee. I go to people who are close to me to ask for advice and figure out if it’s time for me to serve.


I’m very curious na rin of what the future has in store in terms of me being able to serve or if I should.

Speaking of Lipa City Mayor Vilma Santos, he has nothing to say but all praises to her dynamic and loving mom. In fact he likes the way as to how the honorable lady mayor is touching lives of her beloved constituents through her various livelihood projects. He further added that

I think we are all put on this earth to serve, whether we serve God or serve others. It’s very hard to live just for yourself. Something as simple as doing a very nice gesture for someone. But others take it to the next level by serving for livelihood, for politics. That’s something I want to explore.

In addition to this moving inspiration of his, Luis enjoys the trust and confidence that his parents are giving him. But, all they ask him is to be fully equipped insofar as his new route is concerned. His mom even said.

It’s up to you.

Since politics is entirely a different world, his parents’ only advice includes three important things: First, he has to be there personally, he has to observe and study all at the same time.

Similarly, corruption would be a big NO-NO to the younger Manzano. He sincerely commented.

When you are sacrificing your integrity for example, you will get something from government funds and then the people have so much faith in you, for me it is not right.

In closing Luis Manzano is just more than a celebrity figure that millions are frequently seeing on television. He has the brains and a sense of patriotism that this nation badly need to become economically sound in the next few years.

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